Trans Iowa: The Images

Need to see something to give you an idea what this event is about? Need to re-live the pain and suffering? Want to remember the "good times"? Here on this page I have gathered images from past Trans Iowas for your viewing pleasure. Maybe you'll find what you are looking for here....

Note: All images are property of Guitar Ted Productions. Please contact @ for permission to use these images publicly. All Trans Iowa Veterans may download these for personal use without contacting Guitar Ted Productions. Enjoy!
Jim Cummins coming in at CP#2 TIV9 (Image by GNAT)
P.Errington T.I.V9 (Image by GNAT)
Steve Fuller finishing T.I.V9 (W. Kilburg)

Lining up for the start of T.I.V2
T.I.V1 L-R: B. Hannon 2nd, I. Ryan 1st, A Dolpp 3rd
Trans Iowa V1 Pre-Race
Lead group @ 1st B Road- T.I.V8
Lead Group just past Checkpoint Alpha- T.I.V8
Matt Braun re-supplies at Pella: T.I.V8
J. LaLonde in Sutherland IA T.I.V2
Coming into Paulina, IA T.I.V2 (Riders in ditch!)
Coming into Sutherland, IA (Riders in ditch!)
Happier Times @ T.I.V3 South of Waukon, IA
Joe Meiser's derailleur at T.I.V4
"Peanut butter road" T.I.V7
B Road post thunderstorm: T.I.V6
Descending a steep B Road: T.I.V7
Pre-Race Meat-Up: T.I.V7 (David Palls & Guitar Ted standing)
T.I.V7 shot used in Dirt Rag #157 taken by Steve Fuller
Steve Fuller and Jeff Frings at work during T.I.V7
Lead group @ T.I.V4 south of Cresco, IA
Leaders roll out from Traer, IA T.I.V5
David Pals scrambling over a mud slide on course of T.I.V4
Last minutes before the start: T.I.V7
Matt Wills at the finish of T.I.V5
Charly Tri photographs the lead group @ T.I.V6
Signing the waivers at the start of T.I.V6

Stay tuned............more images coming!