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Trans Iowa V10: Here's a reminder of what Trans Iowa is.........We are informing you all that are in the event that if you don't agree that you are on your own, that you are responsible for yourself, and that this is being undertaken of your own volition, then don't take the start.
Read that and consider it carefully. 

 4/23/14: An update on the cue sheets and prizing on Guitar Ted Productions HERE.
4/21/14: Got any last minute items that you need for Trans Iowa? Contact the "Official Trans Iowa Bike Shop", Bikes To You in Grinnell, and they can even order in stuff to be waiting for you Friday. Please let them know what you need by Thursday Noon and they can overnight stuff in for the race to be delivered and picked up Friday. 

4/19/14: There is an important post concerning cheating on Guitar Ted Productions site today. Please read it HERE
4/17/14: My weather insiders are saying that a warming trend next week will end on the weekend of Trans Iowa when it will cool off a bit Saturday evening with winds expected to be around 20mph. Rain on Thursday before will likely mean some, at least, of the 10 B Roads may not be rideable in places. 
4/14/14: Trans Iowa Radio has been fired up again. Check out the first broadcast for v10 HERE  UPDATE: The 5 pairs of WTB Nano 40's have arrived! Racers that place 1-5 overall will each receive a pair at the finish of T.I.V5.

4/13/14: Trans Iowa course and cue sheet checking is completed and everything is a go now for T.I.V10. See the report HERE. Important information can be found in the links on this post-HERE. If you can't make it to T.I.V10- LET ME KNOW ASAP!!

4/8/14: Here is the announcement concerning Trans Iowa Radio: Once again this year, we are pleased to announce that Mountain Bike Radio and J-Paks are sponsoring Trans Iowa V10 by hosting the 2014 edition of Trans Iowa Radio. Click HERE to learn how it works. During Trans Iowa, this is where you go for updates on riders and for my reports from the field. 

4/7/14: I am pleased to share with you all that WTB has pried 5 sets of the very first shipment of Nano 40's out for Trans Iowa prizing. These tires were air freighted from Asia and were earmarked for OEM customers to test. Give a shout out to WTB when you can for being so kind to Trans Iowa! 

On another note, the Comfort Inn & Suites will be offering the riders staying there a Continental Breakfast starting at 2am Saturday the 26th, which is the morning of the race. Be sure to thank them for providing this service. 

The HED wheels, a set of Ardennes+ hoops, will be awarded to the last person to make the Checkpoint #2 cutoff. 

Details on what is going on at the Barn Saturday evening and Sunday morning can be found HERE!

 If you cannot make T.I.V10, please e-mail me ASAP! It helps tremendously if I know now if you are not showing up. 19 days to go!!!
 4/3/14:  HED Wheels sent an Ardennes + wheel set to be given away at T.I.V10 which arrived Wednesday. 

3/29/14: New post on Guitar Ted Productions concerning the Race Numbers and Cue Sheets. Dig it! Read it! Understand it! HERE

3/26/14:  <== See that watch? Time is ticking down to T.I.V10. Will you be ready? Are you still in?  Thanks to those that have responded to the e-mail sent out a month ago. I still need to hear from Gary Cale.

3/11/14:   I have received news that we will have a story on T.I.V10 in Silent Sports coming out just after the event. In-race reporter, Chris Shotz, is a former T.I. Finisher.

 2/21/14: Trans Iowa is pleased to announce that WTB is  sponsoring T.I.V10 with 5 pairs of the new Nano 40 gravel road tires one pair each to the first five finishers of T.I.V10. 

  1/29/14: In the aftermath of the Arrowhead 135 this year, former Trans Iowa Finisher, Matt Maxwell had this excellent commentary. Please read his take on acceptable and unacceptable consequences of being in an event like Trans Iowa. Well worth the read. 
1/6/14: Trans Iowa would like to officially announce that Hammer Nutrition has officially confirmed sponsorship of T.I.v10. CLICK HERE to learn about their endurance fuels and supplements. Each racer will get a full compliment of Hammer products in their race bag to use during T.I.v10. 

12/17/13: Today I am happy to announce that Ergon is sponsoring Trans Iowa once again. Ergon goes waaaaay back with T.I. This time we are going to be getting some of the great saddles from Ergon again along with the hot new CF-3 seatpost. Click the link for more info on the post. 

11/25/13: New sponsorship news! We are again welcoming Europa Cycles and HED Wheels onboard as sponsors of T.I.v10! 

  11/16/13:  Announcing Two New Sponsorships: The Slender Fungus Cycling Association is giving away a Surly CrossCheck frameset to the rider that puts in the "Grittiest Ride" for T.I.v10. Stay tuned for details on that. Also, we welcome Shimano's "PRO" line of accessories which will be given in the Raffle at the Pre-Race Meat-Up. Thanks to both of these fine sponsors!

8/20/13: Trans Iowa photographer, Jason Boucher has made his T.I.V9 set available via Zenfolio here. You can get images printed and sent to your door via the site. Jason says he is not making a dime off these, so it's a bargain, as these images really are top quality stuff folks. Check it out and see for yourself. 

8/6/13: The "Trans Iowa Master's Program" has been announced. This is a separate event from T.I.V10 and will be run between June 1st and August 31st. For a hint on what I am planning, check out my inspiration for TIMP- Operacion Muerto. Or hit the page link for TIMP on the right margin.

5/12/13: Many links to rider race recaps can be found on G-Ted Productions blog here. More will be added if I get them. Images: A link to Wally Kilburg's pics is here.

 6/12/12: Official T.I.V8 photographer Steve Fuller put up his shots on This Flicker Page. Go there for some great shots of this years event.

Sponsors: Want to sponsor Trans Iowa? Shoot me an e-mail! The link is down at the lower right of this page or use Thanks!

05/05/13: The Trans Iowa History blog has been updated with a page for T.I.V9 I have updated the roster page. Take a look at the results page Here
Find out where this crazy ride has been and where it's going!
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Racers have been known to mentally break down and cry along side of the road.

The Grinnell Chamber of Commerce awarded Trans Iowa with the "Outstanding Tourism Experience Award" for 2014.

A photo set by T.I.V9 photog, Jason Boucher, can be found here. And here.

An interview with Cristina Mihaescu, first ever women finisher on a single speed, from "Over The Top Radio"

Issue #17 of XXC MAG (Story on T.I.V8)
Bicycle Times this time from Jeremy Kershaw. This is a version of his story posted originally on his blog.

Online story about T.I.V8 winner, Eric Brunt from "Livewell Nebraska"

Jeff Frings released "300 Miles of Gravel" a movie made about Trans Iowa V7, in May of 2012. This film was shown on television in the Chicago area and has won a Chicago Regional Area Emmy for Outstanding Sports Programming- One Time Special. (Purchase a copy by clicking here)

"Iowa Momentum Magazine" ran a story on Trans Iowa in its March 2012 issue.

"Bicycle Retailer and Industry News" runs a story on gravel grinding featuring Trans Iowa on its cover for its last issue of 2011.

"Dirt Rag" ran an article on T.I.V7 in its issue #157 released 7/11

Bicycle Times published an article on T.I. in issue #10, 2011

Zach Dundas' book "The Renegade Sportsman" contains a chapter about T.I.V3


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