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Trans Iowa V11: Here's a reminder of what Trans Iowa is.........We are informing you all that are in the event that if you don't agree that you are on your own, that you are responsible for yourself, and that this is being undertaken of your own volition, then don't take the start.
Read that and consider it carefully. 

10/23/14: Today a card showed up at the store addressed to my boss and had a note saying that the registration card included was to be handed off to me on the 27th. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. It creates an unfair advantage to the individuals who do this and was not pre-arranged with my boss, who doesn't want to have to deal with this stuff. Please be advised that any entries arriving here before stated dates on the Registration page will NOT BE ACCEPTED! Thanks!
10/21/14: The Comfort Inn & Suites has been booked solid for the weekend of Trans Iowa. If you still need a room, please check out Grinnell's other fine motel choices and hopefully you will get lodging. Thanks for all the support of the Comfort Inn & Suites by you Trans Iowa nutjobs!
10/20/14: Registration Begins In A Week! Volunteers: We could use a few more volunteers, mainly to man Checkpoint #1. Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested. It would be Saturday morning of the event from about 6am till 10am. Finally, if you have volunteered in the past, first off- THANK YOU. Secondly, if you volunteered at T.I.V10 and want to ride in T.I.V11 you have an automatic entry if you simply e-mail me at the aforementioned address.
10/4/14: Registration details are up on Guitar Ted Productions. A link to these details is to be found on the "Race Registration And Details" section below. (Scroll Down!)
 9/27/13: Recon trip of over 14 hours and included all but the last 80 miles of the course was completed. There may be some revisions, but we're thinking we are close. It will be a very different Trans Iowa course than you might think. Report on G-Ted Productions blog HERE. Stay tuned.......

8/9/14: Trans Iowa V11 will happen April 25-26th, 2015. See this post at Guitar Ted Productions for further details today. 

7/31/14: The Trans Iowa family is saddened today to hear of the news of the death of Trans Iowa Veteran, Bill Pontious. Our condolences to the family and friends of Bill. He will be missed. Here is Officer Pontious' Obituary.
 5/1/14: Wally Kilburg's photo album from Trans Iowa V10 is HERE. Jeremy Kershaw's images are HERE 
    8/20/13: Trans Iowa photographer, Jason Boucher has made his T.I.V9 set available via Zenfolio here. You can get images printed and sent to your door via the site. Jason says he is not making a dime off these, so it's a bargain, as these images really are top quality stuff folks. Check it out and see for yourself.

5/12/13:  A link to Wally Kilburg's pics is here.

 6/12/12: Official T.I.V8 photographer Steve Fuller put up his shots on This Flicker Page. Go there for some great shots of this years event.

Sponsors: Want to sponsor Trans Iowa? Shoot me an e-mail! The link is down at the lower right of this page or use Thanks!

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Racers have been known to mentally break down and cry along side of the road.

The Grinnell Chamber of Commerce awarded Trans Iowa with the "Outstanding Tourism Experience Award" for 2014.

Wilderness Trail Bikes put up a post about "Why Trans Iowa Is Rad" HERE

A photo set by T.I.V9 photog, Jason Boucher, can be found here. And here.

An interview with Cristina Mihaescu, first ever women finisher on a single speed, from "Over The Top Radio"

Issue #17 of XXC MAG (Story on T.I.V8)
Bicycle Times this time from Jeremy Kershaw. This is a version of his story posted originally on his blog.

Online story about T.I.V8 winner, Eric Brunt from "Livewell Nebraska"

Jeff Frings released "300 Miles of Gravel" a movie made about Trans Iowa V7, in May of 2012. This film was shown on television in the Chicago area and has won a Chicago Regional Area Emmy for Outstanding Sports Programming- One Time Special. (Purchase a copy by clicking here)

"Iowa Momentum Magazine" ran a story on Trans Iowa in its March 2012 issue.

"Bicycle Retailer and Industry News" runs a story on gravel grinding featuring Trans Iowa on its cover for its last issue of 2011.

"Dirt Rag" ran an article on T.I.V7 in its issue #157 released 7/11

Bicycle Times published an article on T.I. in issue #10, 2011

Zach Dundas' book "The Renegade Sportsman" contains a chapter about T.I.V3


Dave Mable's T.I.V8 video
T.I.V5 Clip by George Vargas. 
Clip By Matt Gersib From T.I.V6
Ben Shockey's T.I.V7 Video Scrapbook
Part I
An article about running, but related in spirit to Trans Iowa. Recommended for those wondering about this event.